m u l t i - p l a t f o r m


Aeon is a multi-platform narrative, told through the Aeon: Miracle smartphone app featuring a web series, image galleries and short fiction. Audiences can become part of the Aeon world through immersive live events.

In a future plagued by the effects of global warming, Julius Bach’s Halcyen Corporation is about to release a new drug called Aeon that will fight a range of deadly diseases. But Bach has a secret he must protect from an investigative journalist, an ambitious rival and a former love. As Aeon’s launch gets closer, the drug is injected into Dari, an experimental test subject who is destined to change everything.

Aeon is written & directed by Richard Evans and produced by Cold Star Media & Ric Michael with support from Arts Council England, the University of Salford, the University of Manchester and Manchester Science Festival.

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