(Novel published by Dead Ink & Ink Lines, 2012)

A Cold War odyssey set in the retro-futurist Moscow of 1969.

Marina Mernova, a KGB officer and older sister to little Leon, is given a simple mission: to find a missing scientist of high value to the Soviet space programme.

1960s Russia is a land of rockets and shortages, a utopia with a paranoid underbelly – and Marina’s search uncovers a chilling experiment that will shatter the limits of humanity and longevity.

The mission threatens to engulf her, tearing her family and her life apart, as the Cold War superpower seeks to create a new class of Soviet citizen – a deep space traveller that is neither human nor machine.


‘A brilliant retro-futurist account’Metropolis/2520

‘Horrific yet brilliant. Loved it.’ Amazon.co.uk

‘Excellent. I couldn’t put it down for a second’ Comply or Die

‘Very cleverly written, very realistic’ - GoodReads

Available through Amazon, Waterstones and all good booksellers.

s h o r t f i c t i o n

W L T M… T H E D I C E M A N (CIty life, 2003)

In April 2003, Manchester’s City Life magazine commissioned a short piece from Richard as part of a series asking key authors and arts figures which fictional characters they would most like to meet. Richard selected The Dice Man by Luke Rhinehart.

T O U C H S E N S I T I V E (perverted by language, 2007)

“Touch Sensitive is moving and delicately written – one of the anthology’s clear front runners” (The Stool Pigeon)

Set in Kobe in 2030. As the deep snow of a long winter falls outside his apartment window, Takumi Hanada fears the imminent arrival of his 65th birthday. His mood changes when Nanami, his daughter, arrives with an unusual present in tow.

In Perverted by Language (Serpent’s Tail, 2007)

H A L F L I F E (The Flash, 2007)

The year is 2310. Centropolis is the perfect, managed city. Vincent Quaid stands atop a building floating a kilometre above the surface of a sprawling urban landscape built inside a vast meteor crater – Nina Vasquez crawls out onto the ledge to find out why he’s there.

In The Flash (Social Disease, 2007)

G I R L A B S O R B E D (litro magazine, 2009)

Osaka, 2072. Noriko wants more attention from Eddie, a trader in 20th century pop culture ephemera. When Eddie brings another woman home one evening, Noriko’s world begins to fall apart.

F R E A K O F N A T U R E, T R I C K M A C H I N E & M O R E (Cabala, 2011)

‘Thoughtful, well-written & eclectic’ – Neon Magazine

An anthology of work by different authors featuring four of Richard’s short stories – Half Life and Girl Absorbed alongside two new works Trick Machine and Freak of Nature.

Trick Machine – flash fiction. Kenji finds himself on a blind date in the twilight zone.

Freak of Nature – a virus is spreading through a lunar mining base. To save her daughter, Dr Mai Kato must return to Earth, where scientists await who want more than just to cure the child.

Cabala (Dog Horn Books, 2011).

P R I E S T (They Eat Culture, 2012)

An audio-only short story, produced by They Eat Culture and Made in Manchester for Preston3Twenty.

Aleph is a Priest, a bio-engineered pilot whose plane is brought down in the night-time city amidst talking buildings and deserted streets. Desperate to survive, he discovers a tragic bond to the area and to Shafia, one of the rebels whom he has been sent to destroy.